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Soul Healing Therapy

The objective of your sessions is to release the Stuck Energies that prevent you from moving forward in your life.  We do this together using a variety of methods but the goal is always the same, to assist you in every way possible to let go of past hurts and to become in alignment with your desires.

The focus of your session is on helping you to align with your desires and removing the emotional energies stopping you.

What Is Alignment?

An example of alignment is when someone has a desire to be in a committed loving relationship, but subconsciously they still feel committed to their former spouse, or perhaps they are scared of being hurt again by another person.  This creates an emotional and energetic conflict that makes it difficult or impossible to have the desire manifest into reality.

Soul Healing Therapy makes sure that you are in Alignment with your desires so that your dreams really can come true.

Personal Sessions and Fees

Soul Healing Therapy sessions can be held either by phone call or by Skype for international calls.

Session fees: $150 for 75-minute session
No additional fees for sessions that may run slightly over time.
For best results, please be prepared to commit to a minimum of four sessions.

For more information please see Session Cancellation Policy.

Next Steps...

Get started today by scheduling your first session. Learn how healing your past can truly open your energy to a new and beautiful Present.