How to Heal Recurring Dreams and Nightmares

Healing recurring dreams and nightmares with Soul Healing Therapy is a simple approach that I have found to be highly effective for many people. For people experiencing these frequent nightmares over and over it can be an incredibly stressful experience. And for many people this stress even carries into their daily waking life.

How to Heal Recurring Dreams and Nightmares

The Importance of Sleep

To fully understand how devastating recurring dreams and nightmares can be we must first look at how vital the act of sleeping is to our well-being.

During our waking state we are mentally and physically active, as well as emotionally engaged with the world around us. This activity can be as simple as tapping your toe while listening to music or running a marathon. Each activity will have its own unique level of engagement.

During the course of sleep the body is working to heal and restore all of its major and minor biological systems. The human body has the innate ability to create a vast array of tissue, chemicals, hormones and so much else. But it needs time away from active engagement with the outside world in order to perform these tasks. And this is where sleep comes in.

Our physical body considers sleep to be so vital to our health that medical professionals will at times induce a coma (a deep sleep of unconsciousness) in order to aid a patient that has experienced severe physical trauma. They recognize that by shutting down the patient’s engagement to the outside world the body’s own sense of healing can be allowed to work more efficiently and effectively for a given period of time.

Sleep is also vital to our emotional and mental well-being. Many people find it to be a common occurrence to fall asleep with the thought of searching for an answer to some problem and wake up to a feeling of knowing that it will all work out. Many people claim to have been awakened with a complete answer to a specific problem that they had been trying to answer.

Each of these situations is our marvelous unconscious mind sifting through huge amounts of data and trying to make sense of potentially millions of pieces of minute subtle information in order to draw conclusions to the problems we are facing.

Recurring Dreams Answering Problems

We can see how important sleep is to the mind, body and even our emotions. Let’s examine what would cause this radical departure from such a beneficial bodily process.

The simple answer to the question is the mind and/or our emotions are trying to make sense of something that makes no logical sense. For most of us, the logical mind is how we process problems or difficulties during our waking hours. This is in contrast to our sleeping hours when our primary method of evaluation is with our intuitive mind, which works through symbology and interpretation of symbols and memories. Now let’s take a look at some examples of how this could occur.

An architect may be trying to solve the problem of how to create a structure that is cost-effective, safe and something still within the guidelines of her client. In her waking life, she may not have been able to find any solutions no matter how many solutions that she’s tried to come up with for the client.

But during her dream state, her mind is pouring over potentially millions of minute pieces of information and combining possible scenarios that she couldn’t possibly achieve in her waking state. In the morning she has a hunch to try a different approach to the problem, and therein comes the solution.

And this solution may have come from an unlikely source of a recurring dream of being in a boat that is tied to a small dock overlooking a cabin. But to this architect, each piece of the dream has underlying meanings and references to her own personal background.

After a few days of the same or similar dream over and over, her unconscious mind is able to deliver the answer in the form of a hunch, or intuition. And this is a very normal experience for many people.

Recurring Nightmares

For some people, the dream scenario comes in the form of a recurring nightmare. This again is the subconscious mind trying to make sense of something that makes no sense. However, with nightmares it is usually the emotional self that is dealing with hidden or suppressed fear that creates the nightmare experience.

For most of us, even though the recurring nightmare may seem identical each time it usually has some subtle twist or nuance in each iteration. This is the mind trying to look for ways to escape the self-imposed trap that it has been locked into.

When we consciously or unconsciously refuse to acknowledge old hurts and fears, these become suppressed emotions.

Past Life Occurrences

A key aspect to the Soul Healing Therapy process is that it does not require any belief on the part of the client, other than the willingness to embark on the effort required to look at their own hurts from the past. But when asked if I personally believe in such things as past lives, I will readily admit to this belief. Although, I will always work within my client’s existing beliefs.

There have been times when I feel that a recurring dream or nightmare is not necessarily a fear that has originated within this lifetime, but rather the emotional intensity of the fear is originating from a previous lifetime.

Releasing these past life energies is very similar regardless if the energy is coming from this life or a past life.

Several years ago I worked with a Catholic nun that felt drawn to working with me because of some of the material that she had read on my website.

I was a little surprised that she would choose to work with me and I asked if she realized that my methods were not necessarily in alignment with the beliefs of the Catholic Church. Her simple answer had a profound effect on me, even to this day.

She said to me, “Well, I talked to my priest prior to contacting you and he said that as long as you don’t try to convince me of anything that is against our beliefs that it would be fine.”

It was then that I realized that I don’t have to try to convince anyone of anything! I just need to allow the process to unfold as it will and that is enough for the purpose of healing.

The Process of Healing Nightmares

For many people, the fear of the nightmare can be paralyzing. To be clear, it is the FEAR that is paralyzing and not necessarily the nightmare itself.

I first tell the client that in order to heal the emotional intensity of the nightmare and stop the recurring we will be revisiting the dream while awakened and aware, but in a relaxed state of mind.

We start at the earliest part of the dream. I allow the client to describe, in as much detail as they feel comfortable, what they remember about the beginning of the dream. When this starts to become too emotionally intense, as it often will, I encourage the client to only describe what they feel is important. This allows them to describe the dream to completion.

Once the narration is complete, we pause and take time to simply breathe. We allow any emotions to come up so that the intensity of the emotions can be processed.

This process is repeated gently over and over until the emotional intensity of the dream or nightmare has begun to dissipate. Very often the person finds new awareness or understandings from the dream that had not been available to them previously.

Removing the emotional intensity of fear now allows them to see things that they had been trying to understand in their waking life and these new understandings have pragmatic application to their daily life.

And this is the true benefit of healing recurring dreams and nightmares. By healing the fear and releasing the intensity of the dream we open parts of our Self that have been locked away. By healing the dream, we free a part of our Self.

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