Acceptance: A mother's unconditional love

Healing with Love

When I think of the term, Unconditional Love, I imagine the energy of a mother's acceptance of her infant child.  She will love the child regardless of its abilities or accomplishments or even its shortcomings.  When we are able to offer this level of love to our own Inner Child, miracles in healing become possible.


Releasing Stuck Energies

We all experience emotional bumps and bruises throughout our life.  But it is the emotionally significant Dramas, Traumas and Stories that cause the Stuck Energies within our soul.

The Soul Healing process guides you through the journey of facing your past hurts and releasing the Stuck Energies that have been the source of your problems.

A candle to light the way

Facilitator, Healer, Empath

I am a natural Empath.  I am able to connect and feel emotional and physical energies of another person.  This in turn helps me to become a mirror to you, thus allowing you to see aspects of yourself that you may have hidden or forgotten, sometimes even for decades.

I facilitate your love and acceptance of your own Inner Child.  It is your Love and Acceptance that is the true Healer.

Since 1993

Finding Peace

In the end, experiencing Soul Healing is about finding Peace.

It begins with Inner Peace, the calm within the storm.  The knowing that no matter what you are going through in the moment, that everything will be okay.

It's also about changing the flow of energy that you experience.  As you begin to experience this freedom of energy within, you will begin to see changes in your life experiences.  New and different experiences will begin to appear in your life in response to these inner shifts of energy flow.

But the greatest gift of Soul Healing is the gift of Unconditional Love that you give to your own Inner Child.  It is the Acceptance and the Awareness that you exist and that you are worthy of being loved "just as you are" that will be the most precious gift of all.

Beauty in peace

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