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Soul Healing Therapy

The objective of your sessions is to release the Stuck Energies that prevent you from moving forward in your life.  We do this together using a variety of methods but the goal is always the same, to assist you in every way possible to let go of past hurts and to become in alignment with your desires.

The focus of your session is on helping you to align with your desires and removing the emotional energies stopping you.

What Is Alignment?

An example of alignment is when someone has a desire to be in a committed loving relationship, but subconsciously they still feel committed to their former spouse, or perhaps they are scared of being hurt again by another person.  This creates an emotional and energetic conflict that makes it difficult or impossible to have the desire manifest into reality.

Soul Healing Therapy makes sure that you are in Alignment with your desires so that your dreams really can come true.

Personal Sessions and Fees

Soul Healing Therapy sessions can be held either by phone call or by Skype for international calls.

Session fees: $150 for 75-minute session
No additional fees for sessions that may run slightly over time.
For best results, please be prepared to commit to a minimum of four sessions.

For more information please see Session Cancellation Policy.

Types of healing methods that I use:


Healing with Love

The energy of Acceptance, or Unconditional Love, is the primary healing method used in Soul Healing Therapy.  Learning to love your own Inner Child is often enough to solve most of our issues.


Stuck Energies

Releasing Stuck Energies is a requirement to true healing.  If we hold on to underlying feelings of Guilt, Shame, Resentments or Anger we will forever be caught up in cycles of need that will never be enough.


Facilitator, Empath

I am a natural Empath.  I am able to connect and feel emotional and physical energies of another person.  Together we travel to where your Inner Child holds your greatest fears, and we Release them.


Chakra Balancing

Chakras are the energy centers of the body.  There are seven main chakras that run along the path of the spine.  Aligning and balancing the chakras can have a calming effect on your energy.


Spirit Release

Too much emphasis has been placed in horror films about the role that ghosts can have in people's lives.  However, earthbound spirits can influence some people and add to their feelings of sadness, anxiety and depression.


Soul Fragments

Soul Fragment Release and Recovery can be a powerful healing tool.  This can be significant for people raised by overbearing and controlling parents or people caught in cycles of abusive relationships.



By entering into a peaceful and relaxed state of mind, you will have more access to areas of your life that have hidden hurts and fears.  We use the experience of Hypnotherapy to release these energies from your past.



ThetaHealing is a form of energy healing developed by Vianna Stibal.  This method places the task of healing upon the facilitator to enter into a Theta brain frequency to access energies that facilitate healing.


Angel Therapy

Angel Therapy is an excellent adjunct to any healing.  By calling upon Angels we invite these Celestial Beings to assist with the balancing and healing of energies as well as add to the internal knowing and comfort we experience.

Next Steps...

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