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Our Approach

My Approach

Soul Healing Therapy is my service business, but more than that it's my Passion.

I've studied various methods of esoteric, metaphysical, cognitive and para-psychology for over twenty years.

I offer a unique blend of all that I've studied to help people regain a sense of control in their lives.  The work I do truly does, "Heal the Soul".

Our Story

My Story

I'm currently writing a book on the subject of healing and how the energy of Acceptance can have a tremendous positive impact on our lives.  When we are able to offer this level of Acceptance to our own Inner Child, miracles in healing become possible.

What makes me unique is that I am a natural Empath.  This is someone who has the ability to feel the feelings and emotions of another person.

I've been told that I have a gentle and soothing voice, which makes it easy to open up and feel at ease in our discussions.

As a spiritual seeker and student of Enlightenment, I've traveled through India and Thailand and studied with many advanced esoteric teachers and have taught courses in Healing, Meditation and Spirit Release throughout the United States and Canada.  I am the author of The Soul Rescue Manual, which is a manual on helping earthbound spirits to transition.

The core of my sessions is focused on the energy of Acceptance, although we may also employ the use of breath work, visualization, Angel Therapy, Spirit Release and other methods as needed.

Patrick Rodriguez

Patrick Rodriguez

Soul Healing Therapy
Founder, Facilitator and Healer

Master Certified Hypnotherapist, EFT Practitioner,
ThetaHealing Specialist, Spirit Release author and trainer, et. al.

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