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What is an Empath Healer?

An Empath Healer is someone that is able to perceive the feelings of another person, and then help that person to relieve the emotional or physical symptoms of pain or discomfort.

Recently I was invited by Tabitha Howard and Diane Raye Wolf to speak on their live stream, Organic Chit-Chat. During this interview we invited anyone that would like to experience a Soul Healing session to come forward.

Due to “technical difficulties” during the live video stream I was not able to see or hear the person that offered to participate as a demonstration volunteer. I was forced to rely only upon my Empath abilities in order to help the person, and to prevent looking like a total flop on live video.

This video turned out to be an excellent example of what it means to be an Empath Healer and how this gentle and direct method may be able to help you move forward in your own life.

Thank you to Tabitha Howard and Diane Raye Wolf for their invitation to speak on their live stream, Organic Chit-Chat.

How to Heal Emotional Triggers

Emotional triggers are the automatic responses that we have to some event or action by another person. They are the “knee-jerk reactions” that come up when we least expect it.

In this video we’ll go over the different types of emotional triggers and how to identify if you are engaging in an automatic response to some trigger in your life.

How to Release Past Trauma

In this video we’ll talk about how to release past trauma.  More specifically, we’ll be discussing how to release the Emotional Intensity from past events.

Healing Childhood Issues
as an Adult

Healing childhood issues as an adult can be highly daunting and uncomfortable to many people. Here we discuss how hurts and fears experienced in childhood are often suppressed, only to come out in unexpected ways as an adult.

Why don't people heal?

In this video we discuss why people don't heal. What prevents us from being able to heal our emotional and energetic wounds?

Feeling Stuck In Life,
And How To Move Forward

Feeling stuck in life is one of the hardest feelings to deal with because it feels so huge and all-encompassing. When this level of feelings occurs it can feel like getting through a day is like walking through fields of mud.