Find Your Passion in 6 Easy Steps

Find Your Passion

Ever wonder what is the secret of how to find your passion?

I’ve heard many motivational speakers and authors talk about how we should all, “Do what you love and the money will follow.”  Or, “Make a career out of something that you’re passionate about.”  Well, that sounds like great advice but what do you do when you don’t know what IS your passion?

Here are my recommendations for how to truly find your passion that can lead to a new business, career change, or possibly even a full life change.

My “pre-step” suggestion is to give yourself a three-month and a six-month goal.   Too many people set out to find what is their passion in an afternoon. Although this can be done, for many of us that have not been able to even think about our passion we may feel too much pressure to find Something, and end up defining nothing.

Be kind to yourself.  Give yourself three-months to get through steps 2 and 3 below, and then another three months to get through the remaining steps.  If you’re really planning out your entire life, is taking six months too much time to flush out your highest desires?

  1. Give yourself permission to be curious.
    I too often hear the phrase, “Oh, I couldn’t do that.”  But why not?  Why not at least look at something before discarding it all-together?    Get curious. What calls out to you? What hobbies or activities grab your attention?
  2. Follow what you enjoy.
    This is the easy, “toe-in-the-water” approach.  You’ve given yourself permission to be curious, now it’s time to start digging a little deeper.  Begin by giving yourself permission to follow Facebook group postings, visit websites or just watch YouTube videos about the things that interest you.  Allow your curiosity to spark the interest, but then start to be more methodical in following.
  3. Study what you enjoy.
    This step is now starting to get serious.  Here is where you begin to lay down a small amount of money.  This could be invested in books, training, online course, etc.  Remember, if you’re going to begin to earn money with your passion you’ll first need to become competent at it.  And study is an excellent investment in yourself.
  4. Engage in what you enjoy.
    Hopefully, this is something that you’ve been doing through each of the steps above.  This is where you get your hands dirty. Following is not enough. Study is not enough.  It takes actually engaging in the activity to know if it’s right for you.

    I was really surprised when I learned how many people are devoted to watching cooking shows and reality chef competitions, but never actually even try to prepare a gourmet dish.  These are the perpetual dreamers. They will never make their dreams a reality until they begin to Engage in the activity.

    Again, here is where an additional minimal investment may be required.  As an example, it may be difficult to become engaged in cooking if you don’t invest in decent set of pots, pans and cooking knives.  At this step you’re truly at the starting stage of living your passion so be willing to jump in, even if it’s starting small.

  5. Share what you enjoy.
    You’ve been following it and studying it.  Now, how do you feel when talking to other people about this subject?  Do you find yourself becoming excited? Do you want to hear about their experiences because it also motivates you to try harder?

    If this is truly a passion for you this step should come easy and naturally when sharing with people of similar interest.  Now you are able to determine if the core-activities are truly a passion. Have you enjoyed following the activities? Do you enjoy the ongoing study?

    This could be it.  You may have found your passion.  But there’s just one more step.

  6. Do it for fun and profit.
    The final step required to find your passion is learning to do it for fun and profit.  Study how other people are already making money doing what you love to do. Be curious.  Study how they have set up their job or business and how you may be able to emulate what they do as well.

    Remember that there can often be several different ways to enter a field or to make a profit from doing an activity.  As you study how other people are doing the same thing that you love to do new ideas will come to you. Once again, be willing to be curious when looking for ways to turn your new found passion into profits.

Overcoming Self-Sabotage

One important note to this idea about how to find your passion and that is overcoming Self-Sabotage and Internal Resistance.

Too many of us received no parental support growing up.  There was no one in our corner telling us that we could overcome struggles and hardships required to accomplish our goals.

And for many of us it was even more than a lack of encouragement.  Some well-meaning parents even tell their children to not even try because they will just fail.  In reality, these parents are projecting their own fears onto their children and thus embedding the next generation with self-doubts before they ever begin.

Here is where I come in.  Through Soul Healing Therapy we work through the “energy” of these self-limiting beliefs, doubts and fears.  We address the implanted thoughts and beliefs handed down by parents. And most importantly, we Release these energies that have been holding you back.

If you are ready to start living the life you truly desire I invite you to Contact Me and find out if working together is right for you.  Find your passion and begin to follow it with joy, curiosity and ultimately with fulfillment.

2 thoughts on “Find Your Passion in 6 Easy Steps”

  1. I am very interested in Energy Healing/Work. I start reading books on it and searching the web, then I stop. I go no further, telling myself that I am too old.
    I am sabotaging myself. In my sixties, I wonder how to overcome this hurdle.

    1. Hi Lynda,

      Thank you for your question. This is a great example of Self-Sabotage that I mention in the article.

      I believe that each Soul incarnates to Experience this world and to Express itself. This begins from the moment of our birth (or sooner) and ends at the moment of our death (or just after).

      When we find that we are unable to Experience or Express in any area of life, it simply means that there is “stuck energy” in that area.

      You are suggesting that you are too old to get started in this desire. I would offer that this belief is merely a stuck energy that does not allow you to move forward.

      Many people will offer encouragement and suggestions such as, “You’re never too old…”, etc. However, I suggest working directly with the stuck energy.

      I imagine that this same energy is preventing or making it difficult for you to do many things that you desire, and as a result your Soul purpose of Experience is being blocked from full expression of fulfillment.

      I believe that you will find this article helpful in accepting and releasing this energy, Healing with Love.

      And of course, I would love to help you let go of this energy. I know with certainty that many more life experiences await you and that your desire to engage in healing work can help many other people. Please contact me if you feel working together would be right for you.

      With faith and love,


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