How to Use Visualization, When You Can’t Visualize

Do you wonder how to use visualization techniques to manifest your desires but find it’s difficult or impossible for you to visualize?

What is Visualization?

Visualization is really nothing more than creating a picture in your mind.  It’s using your imagination to create an image.

For the purpose of manifesting, it’s useful to create a movie where you are an active participant engaged in the experience that you want to see happening in your life.


How to use Visualization

What if you can’t Visualize?

Many people find it very difficult to create images in their mind.  And trying to create a movie in their mind is almost impossible.

For this simple reason too many people give up on trying to manifest their desires.  They feel that if they are not able to create an image then there is no point in trying to learn how to use visualization.

But here’s a secret and important lesson, you don’t need to be able to “see” images in order to learn how to use visualization.

I was one of those people that could only create images in my mind when I was completely focused and with great concentration but I found it impossible to create anything that came close to a movie.

Seeing Energy

This aspect visualization became even more frustrating when I started learning about energy healing.  And to make the situation even more frustrating, it seemed like all of my peers were readily able to see swirling colors and energy but I wasn’t.

I finally began to realize that I had a natural ability to feel feelings and emotions of people around me.  This ability is referred to as being an Empath.

As I began to develop this ability I soon realized that I could feel and sense energy with often a greater clarity than many people that professed to be able to see movement and colors of energy.

How to Visualize, with Feelings

If you’re also someone that has trouble with using visualization I recommend trying to use your feelings instead.

Whenever you work with "Visualizations" try to FEEL the feelings emotionally and physically in your body. Allow yourself to Create and Experience the sensations that you would be having if you were in the desired experience.

In the beginning, give yourself permission to allow the experience to be completely made up in your imagination. That is how it starts when you're first learning.


Seeing with Feelings

I’m sometimes asked what is it like to use your feelings with visualization.  My favorite response to the question about how I "see" energy is to reference a scene from the movie, "Daredevil" with Ben Affleck.

In this scene, the main character wants to "see" his girlfriend but he is blind so he can't see with his eyes. So he takes her to the rooftop right before a thunderstorm.

As the raindrops fall to the floor, his hearing creates a "picture" of the girl in his mind. This is VERY similar to how I "see" and perceive energy and allow it to create images for my mind to "see."

I no longer try to create a picture or a movie when using visualization.  Instead, I allow myself to access the physical and emotional sensations of my outcome.

I find that these feeling sensations create an image that I am then able to perceive in my mind.  

This same technique also serves me when doing energy healing. When I’m working with people I can feel where energy has become “stuck.” Together we access the energy through emotions, feelings and memories in order to create an energy flow that allows the person to bring balance back into their life.

I’ve seen miracles occur using this simple approach, which all started with the inability to visualize.

So if you’re having trouble learning how to use visualization, have hope.  You’re in good company. And remember that the strengths of other people may not be your strengths.  And your own natural abilities can be developed to serve you in your own unique ways.

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