My Soul Purpose, Overcoming Obstacles

Does my soul purpose have any blocks?

Here's an email received from reader K.S.

I feel ready to launch into my soul purpose for coming on the planet. I want to know if anything is hindering me from this occurring.

My Soul Purpose


Dear K.S.,

Thank you for your email!

We ALL have energy blocks hindering us from achieving our Soul Purpose.  Okay, maybe not everyone but I haven’t met anyone that hasn’t had to overcome at least some obstacles on their way towards walking their path and achieving their dreams.

Now this isn’t to make light of your request but rather to help assure you that we’re all in this together.  We all struggle at times, and hopefully this can be reassuring to you when you encounter those times of difficulties.

We need to be aware of those situations and circumstances that appear to halt all progress.  They may seem like they come from nowhere and are often completely unexpected. Those are the challenges that hit us when we least expect them.  Those are the real blocks.

Finding your Soul Blocks

My belief is that all blocks start as energy coming from within our Self.  Even those bricks that seem to come flying from out of nowhere, those also start off as energy from our Self.

What do you do when you’re on your way to an interview for your Dream Job but then your car won’t start, you can’t find a tow truck and your credit card is maxed out and you can’t afford to pay for repairs?  These are the types of bricks that I’m talking about. Even these seeming catastrophes start off as simply energies coming from within.

The most simple way that I’ve found to identify these “stuck energies” is to begin noticing where you have resistance towards taking specific actions.  For many of us this resistance comes in the form of procrastination. When you find yourself procrastinating taking action on something specific, take notice of this energy.

Releasing Soul blocks

Once you’ve identified the energy of resistance it’s time to release that energy.  I’ve found that the most simple way to do so is using the energy of Acceptance. I’ve written about how to do this on my Healing with Love page.

It’s important to note that most of our blocks come from past Dramas, Traumas and Stories that have occurred in our life.  For most of us these are occurrences from early childhood.

As a fully grown adult, we may not believe we care about what our mother thinks.  We may no longer feel subject to her thoughts and judgments. But as a child it may have been the only way that we received love, caring and nurturing.

As a result, we learned to place a high value on our mother’s acceptance.  I’ve helped many people overcome procrastination simply by releasing the energy value that they have of their mother’s acceptance.

As you identify your own blocks, allow and Accept the Inner Child and the struggles that they went through.  Welcome the child back into your life with loving and open arms. This can be a highly profound experience because even if it feels like you’re imagining it all, it is having an integration effect on your Energy Body.

If you find that you need help in identifying or releasing the old hurts, this is where finding someone like myself becomes highly useful.  I help people heal these old hurts, which then allows them to move forward with their life goals.

I’m happy to setup a call to help you identify your own personal blocks and how we can work together for releasing these soul blocks to be free to pursue your life desires.

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