Healing the Energy Body

Healing the energy body has a close correlation to healing our emotions and even our physical body.  It is our Energy Body that carries old hurts and wounds that can often manifest in unexpected ways in our mental health, our emotional well-being and even our physical body.

In the practice of Soul Healing Therapy, the base principle is that negative emotions are nothing more than "stuck energy" within the Energy Body. This is "glowing", that many people can either see or sense.  

Stuck energy is the by-product of Suppressed Emotions.  It is these old hurts that we carry around with us that result in stuck energy.  

Energy Body and Emotions

Let's take a closer look at the theory of how healing the Energy Body and Emotions relate.

Occasionally I'll have someone start talking to me about a situation in their life and I can see that they're fighting back tears. The emotions are trapped inside just begging to come out!

So what is it that holds the tears back? Why is it that we don't allow the pain to come out? For most of us the answer is simple, it hurts! And who wants to feel pain?

The quickest way to Release the stored pain is to just feel it and let the tears come. Or it might be that it's the emotion of anger or resentment that's trapped inside. Whatever the emotion is, it just needs to come out.

Stuck Emotions and the Physical Body

The normal state of Emotions is flowing. Emotions and energy are meant to flow. When emotions are flowing there are no problems. However, when emotions are being suppressed or held back, that's when they start to become a problem.

When we work at healing the Energy Body we see the effects in the Physical Body. There's no aches and pains and good flexibility.

When emotions are stuck, or not flowing, this then causes disruptions in the form of stress. Stress can cause many problems throughout the body but let's take a look at one example.

Not long ago I was working with a client we’ll call, Patti. She had very tense muscles all of the time. Her body would get cramps everywhere from neck, shoulders, legs and even her fingers. She would often take muscle relaxing medications but her doctors told her that she just needed to relax and not work so much anymore.

I told Patti that we wouldn't be working on her physical body, but rather we would be looking at the energy underlying these physical symptoms. As we began to work together in releasing emotional energy that she had been carrying, she then began to feel less tension in her physical body. She was also surprised to find that she was now able to perform several yoga positions that she was previously unable to perform.

These are frequent results when healing the Energy Body.

Seeing Energy

In classes I'm often asked if you can learn to see energy and is it necessary to see energy in order to perform Soul Healing. My standard response is that you don't need to see energy to know if it's working well.

The physical body is a reflection of the flow of the Energy Body, and vice versa.  This can be compared to water flowing from a garden hose.  If you are holding a garden hose and water is not flowing out fully we know that there is a problem.  Next we look for either where the hose is kinked, or maybe the faucet is not turned on fully.

When a person is tense, stressed and has several physical pains, there is a disruption of energy flow. We know that the Energy Body isn't doing well because we can see that the physical body isn't functioning well. I also look for suppressed emotions, such as fear, shame, guilt or anger as indications that there is a problem with energy flow.

When a person is fluid and flexible there is a natural energy flow. When energy is flowing we can see the physical body is functioning well and there are no suppressed emotions.  It is the physical body and emotional well-being that allow us to measure energy flow without needing the ability to actually see energy.

Soul Healing

In Soul Healing we start with what hurts.  What area of your life have you had trouble with moving forward and having progress?

The process of healing is releasing the past hurts by going through the energy of acceptance and compassion for the part of you that went through the experiences.  This could have been childhood or even yesterday.  The energy of acceptance and compassion of you in that moment is key to healing the energy body, and freeing the soul.

Are you ready to start your own healing journey?  I invite you to Contact Me to see if working together may be right for you.

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