Easier to Destroy Than Create

I recently was reminded of the quote, “It is easier to destroy than it is to create.”  

We see this throughout the physical world but it is especially true in the emotional and energetic realities as well.  This is not about what is right or wrong.  Nor am I suggesting that one is good and the other is bad.  But rather, when viewed as just a fact, we can find use in the application of Destruction and Creation when applied to energy healing.

Easier to Destroy, dragon

In my work as an Energy Healer, I have found that it is often useful to apply the concept of destruction, or Dissolution of Energy.  

Imagine the feeling of trying to work towards some goal that you desire, but all the while feeling that the goal is unattainable.  Many people feel unworthy of achieving the goal that they desire.  So they find themselves caught up in patterns of self-destruction and preventing themselves from ever attaining the goal.

I do not see the “self-sabotage” as the problem but rather as the sign post.  To me, the behavior is the flashing sign that says, “LOOK HERE!”  

Together, we then look for the energy below the behavior.  It is with compassion and empathy for the Self, or the Inner Child, where we look to apply the destruction of self-imposed limitations and beliefs.

I invite you to look deeper than the surface of your own unwanted behaviors.  What is below the surface, supporting the behavior?  This is where we need to consider Compassion and Empathy so that the ease of destruction and dissolution may take place.

Patrick Rodriguez

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