What Is an Empath Healer?

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As an Empath Healer I found that I was able to take what seemed like a life-long problem of feeling the sensations and emotions of other people and turn it into something that is of high contribution to those suffering from chronic problems in their life.

If you or someone that you know seems to be overly emotional, like I was for much of my life, it may be that the feelings and sensations that you are experiencing are not really your own.  It is possible to turn this ability into the path that heals the suffering of others.

To understand what is meant by the term, Empath Healer, we examine what each word means.

What is an Empath?

An Empath is someone that can feel the feelings of another person as if they are his own.  During sessions I’ll often comment that I feel a certain emotion when the person is thinking of a situation.  As an example I may say, “When you speak about your father I feel a giant knot in my stomach. Do you feel that?”

By asking the person to confirm the feeling helps them become aware of their emotions toward the situation.  Just by becoming conscious of these feelings, a person can often experience a major release of energy. And it is the release of energy that allows for healing to occur.

I find that often people confuse the term Empath with the word “empathy.”  To have empathy for another person’s pain is to feel “as if” it were your own. When I feel someone’s pain, I will literally FEEL that person’s pain as my own.

What is a Healer?

There are a great many definitions for this term, Healer.  When I think of the term, I believe it is someone that has the ability to help bring one’s body, mind, emotions or spirit back into balance so that the person can function in the world without the energetic obstacles getting in the way of their desires.

My focus in terms of healing is to release the emotional intensity that people carry from their past.  I like to call these our personal Dramas, Traumas and Stories.

I don’t believe it’s useful to find answers or “the truth” of what happened from the past.  Rather, we look only to unravel the knots of energy that hold us captive to the past.

Grief over the loss of a past relationship could be what holds someone back from finding a new relationship and experiencing love in their life again.  The fear and trauma of a past accident may hold another person in physical pain, when all her medical doctors have told her that they see no reason for the pain.  And I’ve experienced several people finally able to sleep peacefully through the night after releasing the energy associated with their childhood abuse.

What can an Empath Healer do?

Our sessions together always start with what do you want to accomplish?  What would you like to do, that you are not able to do now?

As the person begins to speak about their desires, I find that I can feel constrictions happening in my own body.  They may talk about feelings of depression, but I will feel a tension in my neck and shoulders as if I’m carrying a large weight.

From what I am experiencing in my own body, I can then see how this person is being affected.  As an Empath Healer, I’ll first confirm the feelings that I’m experiencing are the same that she is experiencing.  I will then notice, how do these physical sensations make me feel Emotionally?

In this actual example, the woman felt that she was carrying the troubles and burdens of her entire family.  No matter how much she gave or tried to help her family it was never enough. As a result, she found herself experiencing states of depression without ever really understanding why she was feeling this way.

Everything in her own life was going great.  But she couldn’t help trying to “carry the burdens” of her entire family. This led to feeling like she was never enough. It was from there that came the feelings of depression.

The Source of all Healing

I believe that all true healing comes from within.  Each of us is our own Healer, but we also have a strong ability to Block healing energy.  If someone has the belief that they do not deserve healing, it’s very difficult to help that person until we first clear out the belief.

For most of us, I find that we have conflicting beliefs that prevent us from moving forward.  In the case above, she felt that it was her responsibility to care for family and support them in every way possible.  She also felt like she wanted to be free from her physical pain and feelings of depression.

Issue #1.  
“It is my Responsibility to worry about my family.”

Issue #2.  
“Worrying about my family is causing me to feel illness and depression.”

So in order to “Heal” the chronic tightness in her neck and shoulders, and the feelings of depression, she first needed to let go of the need to worry about her family.

She used the excuse of caring for others because she did not feel worthy of caring for her Inner Self.

Together we gave her permission to explore these feelings, and then release the energy holding them in place.  This led to remarkable changes in the way she began to honor and respect herself, and to let go of worrying about other people.

I invite you to let me be your Empath Healer. Allow me to help you discover the areas of your life that have been holding you back, and finally become free to move towards the life you truly desire.

Start today to make positive changes in your life by calling or Contact Me to get started.

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4 thoughts on “What Is an Empath Healer?”

  1. That was so beautiful to read! Ive learned im a healer and you just put into words of what i feel! Thank you!

    1. Hi Diana,

      Thank you for your comments. I encourage to learn two important parts to being an Empath Healer.
      #1. Learn how to differentiate the feelings of other people from your own emotional and physical feelings.
      #2. Learn how to release energy from yourself first, and then from other people. There are MANY forms of “how to” and I have several articles on this blog on how to release energy. Learning this skill will serve you exponentially.

      All my best,


  2. I wasn’t sure at first what was happening to me. I had never heard of an Empathy Healer let alone an Empathy. I just new I was crying out of nowhere and I couldn’t tell you why. my daughter even asked me why I was so sensitive but at the time I couldn’t tell her. I felt sooo much pain but where was it coming from? I’ve just learned in the past year that all my energy is being drained from work due to all of the people I’ve been around and believe me, I have allot of energy. When I take my two days off, I have to be totally by myself so I can recharge my whole being it’s so bad at times.. There are so many people that have so much pain, hatred , depression that if I can just take one person at a time and help them understand and feel better , my work place will flow so easy for all of them. I very much enjoyed how you explained everything. Thank you for letting me read your article.

    1. Hi Chyna,

      Thank you for your comments. As I wrote in the reply above I strongly encourage you to learn how to differentiate the feelings of other people from your own emotional and physical feelings.

      To those of us with Empath abilities, we often are not aware how to distinguish between our own feelings and the feelings of other people. Just learning to become aware of this difference will go a long way to helping you to let go of a lot of pain that is not yours.

      The second step is learning how to release energy. This is what I do in one-on-one sessions with people over the phone. I help you to release energy and I teach you how to do this for yourself. There are many ways to do this even on your own.

      On my Videos page I have a link to a YouTube video that I created, How to Release Past Trauma. On this video I walk through one process of releasing energy that you can do on your own.

      I agree with you when you say if we could just heal everyone else around us that things would be so much easier. But unfortunately, that probably won’t happen. What we can do is learn to heal our Self and that will make the world a better place.

      All my best,


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