Listen To Your Intuition

Sometimes people will ask me, "How can I learn to develop my intuition?"

The answer I typically give is to learn to Trust. That's not easy for many people. Immediately they think that this means learning to trust in other people, and it does. But more importantly, it's about learning to trust when you feel pulled to take action in a direction.

When it is your intuition talking, it comes with no Attachment to the Outcome and no judgement of action or inaction.
This happened to me the night before this radio interview with Wendy Adams. At the beginning of the interview I talk about how this series of events occurred, and then led me to discuss the topic of Soul Fragmentation during the interview.

As a result of the interview, Wendy and I are now in discussions about creating a Mini-Sessions Healing Podcast. This would give listeners a chance to call into the show to receive their own mini-session. We expect that this will also have a significant energy healing effect on the listeners.

Stay tuned for more info and how you may have the opportunity for your own chance to be part of the community.

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