Love Heals: How to use Love to heal people

Love heals.  It’s a very simple concept and it’s not complicated to use.  But to become effective in using the energy of Love for the purpose of healing takes a minor amount investment of time and effort.  Let’s take a closer look on how this often overused phrase can be implemented in your life to help others.

In a previous blog post I wrote about Healing with Love.  In that article I share the method of using the energy of Acceptance to heal parts of our Self.  In this article I’ll share a similar approach but focused on healing other people. This is the process that I use when engaged in client Soul Healing Therapy sessions.

I believe that the greatest tool that a Healer has at their disposal is the Energy of Love.  For the purpose of effecting change in another person (i.e. healing) the Energy of Love can be used for the mental, emotional and even physical well-being of another person.

Unconditional Love

Love Heals: A mother's unconditional love
Love Heals: A mother's unconditional love

When I think of the term, Unconditional Love, I imagine the energy of a mother’s acceptance of her infant child.  She will love the child regardless of its abilities or accomplishments or even its shortcomings.

The greatest gift of Healing is this gift of Unconditional Love.  It is the Acceptance and the Awareness that you exist and that you are worthy of being loved “just as you are” that will be the most precious gift of all.

When we are able to offer this level of love to another person, miracles in healing become possible.

Opening the Space for Healing

I believe that the single most important gift that I offer my clients is Non-Judgemental Acceptance.  In other words, Unconditional Love.

When working through our mental, emotional or even physical issues I find that people often carry shame, guilt and fear for even having their issues.

I too often hear the cries of their Inner Child while the person in front of me emphatically states, “I feel broken.”  But I do not see them as “broken.” I believe that each one of us is reacting perfectly to our own most hidden fears.

The trauma, the cultural conditioning and even the shame and guilt passed on to us from our parents all have an effect that have led to our current state of mind, emotional well-being and even physical health.

I believe that it is this non-judgemental Acceptance of the pain from their Inner Child, that then allows people to accept themselves.  And that is where the real healing begins.

Example of Love Heals

I firmly believe that if we heal the Soul, that the physical body will heal itself, when possible.  That is to say that I have not yet experienced someone regrowing a limb.

I do not usually focus solely on physical healing.  But occasionally I do find it useful to address bodily pain before we can move forward with Soul healing.

I find that the best way to teach is by examples.  This is a very recent example of an actual instance of relieving back pain.

I had scheduled an afternoon phone session with a client.  But when I called she had completely forgotten about the session because she had been lying in bed all day due to extreme back pain.

She told me that she wanted to proceed with our session because she had been looking forward to it but I knew that she wouldn’t be able to focus until we had alleviated some of her pain.

Step by Step Healing

These are the steps that I use to reduce pain and support another person’s own healing.

Step 1.  Get centered.  To effect change in another person, I must first be willing to accept myself; just as I am right now.

Step 2.  Pain is just a symptom.  My belief is that pain is a symptom.  This could be due to a misalignment of the physical body, and this could be due to a misalignment of past beliefs that the person is still carrying.  I do not try to heal the body or emotions directly.

Step 3.  See what is there, not what I think is there.  For the purpose of healing I am using my Empath ability to feel the feelings of another person.  But it’s important that I do not project what I believe to be true onto the person. I am constantly asking the person if what I am perceiving resonates with their own thoughts and feelings.

Step 4.  Accept the pain.  Within my own thoughts, emotions and perceptions I am giving the pain Permission to Exist.  This is a key concept.  I project onto the pain that I believe it has a right to exist.  I then try to align with it. I try to feel, Why is it crying out for attention?

Step 5.  It’s Safe to feel what you feel.  For so many of us it becomes easier to feel physical pain rather than emotional pain.  As a result, we often find ourselves experiencing odd “phantom pains” or pains without a definitive cause.  I reassure the person that it is safe to feel the pain, and it’s safe to feel what is under the pain. These “pains” may be mental anguish, emotional hurts, or physical pain.

Example of Love Heals (cont.)

As I tuned into this woman’s lower back I could feel the energy of, “My son is a pain in my A**!”  I asked her if this statement resonated with her.  She emphatically replied that it was his girlfriend that was the source of her pain.  She went on to explain how his latest girlfriend had become obsessed with him and was now causing her problems as well.

I gently but firmly repeatedly stated, “My son is a pain in my back-side” (I kept the statement polite, although the feeling was definitely “Pain in my A**!”).

She finally realized the internal truth of this statement and repeated it.  “Yes, my son really has been a pain in my Butt!” This then allowed her to give an Acceptance to the pain in her lower back, and this began the process of alleviating the pain.

After just a few minutes of this process I asked her to sit up.  No pain. I asked her to stretch her legs. No pain. I asked her stand up.  No pain. I asked her to walk a few feet across the room, back and forth. Absolutely no pain when just a few minutes previously she had been bed-ridden.

My intent in helping her with this back pain was mainly just to alleviate the pain so that she could continue with her Soul Healing Therapy session.  However, when we spoke again the next day she told me that she had guests that came to visit later that evening and she experienced no pain during their visit of several hours or even the next day.

How Can Love Effect Physical Healing?

Love heals.  I know this is true because I’ve witnessed it countless times.  But when people ask me, How does love heal? Well, I honestly don’t know.

My belief of how this works, from the perspective of energy, goes back to Unconditional Love.

Imagine a crying infant.  Now imagine a loving, caring mother picks up the crying baby and holds her with words and feelings of Acceptance and Reassurance. I believe that it is this energy that then alleviates the baby's "pain" and thus she stops crying.

This is what I am energetically doing with people.  As they come to me and tell me about relationship difficulties, I sometimes hear the Inner Child crying and feel the abuse that they suffered as a child.  I feel the fear that they now have of intimacy resulting from this abuse.

I then offer the gift of Acceptance and Reassurance.  It’s safe to feel your feelings. I know you are hurting and I love you anyway, just the way that you are.

To extend this energy within Soul Healing Therapy sessions, I then tell my clients what I am feeling and together we offer this energy of Acceptance and Reassurance to their Inner Child.  This has repeatedly proven to be a Powerful Healing experience.

Love heals.  Your love to another person.  Your love to your Self. Your love to your own Inner Child.

And love heals in a remarkably miraculous way when you lead another person to love their own self and their own Inner Child.

I invite you to reach out and experience for yourself the beauty of how love heals for yourself. Call or email to setup your Soul Healing Therapy session.


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