Past Life Regression

What is a Past Life Regression?  And why should I have to clean up the mess that someone else left behind?

Past Life issues are a lot like that. Someone who we don't know and that we'll never meet has caused countless problems in this present life.

I'm often asked, "Does a Past Life Regression (PLR) really help to resolve issues in this life?”  Yes, PLR sessions can help uncover and resolve issues that you’re facing today.  You don't even have to believe in past lives or reincarnation to have it be effective in your healing journey.

What Is Reincarnation?

Let’s start with a basic understanding of Reincarnation.

Reincarnation is the belief that all humans have existed as an immortal soul before birth.  We will then be reborn into new bodies after this current lifetime, or incarnation.

After the death of the current incarnation, the Personality from this lifetime will merge back with the Soul. The Soul will then assess all the experiences from the incarnation and choose its next life.

Hypnosis Past Life Regression

A formal Past Life Regression is a hypnosis method.  The person is assisted into a relaxed state, and then guided to imagine going back in time. The person may experience the event as a memory or simply as a "knowing". They may not know how they know, but they will have certainty about the experience being related to another lifetime.

The theory is that we can be affected by something that occurred in past lifetimes.  A traumatic death from a prior life can hold fear in place in this life. This can be seen in people with a strong irrational fears.

Some people recreate circumstances from past lives. When this happens it seems to be an attempt to "get it right this time".

Past lives help to create our current life personality, or predispositions. But it's the tragedies from the past that can create emotional blocks and anxiety in this life.

That's not to say that all of the problems of today are the result of past lives.  But when we are faced with life-long patterns of behavior this can be a clue that we are facing an issue from a past life.

Phobias From Past Lives

One of the more interesting outcomes in using Past Life Regression is witnessing the disappearance of fears and phobias almost immediately in many cases.

Jenny had experienced herself in another lifetime as a little girl from a small village. One day the village was attacked by soldiers (she didn't know the reason). Her parents forced (past life) Jenny down into a small hole and covered it to keep her safe from the invaders. Jenny was alone and terrified in this small dark place. In the morning she climbed out of the hole to find her village destroyed and her parents missing.

When Jenny came back into consciousness from this very intense experience she excused herself to go to the washroom. There she found that she was surprised that she did not feel any of the feelings of discomfort that she normally felt from my small washroom. I invited her to try going back in and turning off the lights. She was amazed that she could also do this without any of the panic or anxiety that would normally come from a confined space, even with the lights on. Jenny's "claustrophobia" had disappeared.

Are Past Life Regressions Real?

I'm sometimes asked if what is experienced during a Past Life Regression session is “real”?  Did the event really happen?  And can I research the person and events to verify if it really happened the way that I envisioned it during the PLR session?

My standard response to this question is, "Does it matter?" Does it really matter if it's true or some elaborate fantasy if it reaps the benefits of emotional healing that we're after?

Did it matter to Jenny if she really was a little girl that was put in a hole while her village was being raided? Maybe, but it's definitely significant to her that she no longer has anxiety in small confined spaces.

Healing Past Lives

I believe that it is useful to use whatever Working Model is appropriate for the purpose of emotional energy healing. As long as there's no harm or danger at risk to ourselves or the other person, it doesn't matter if reincarnation is true or not.

Although I’ve been trained in formal Past Life Regression, I don’t find that it’s necessary to put people into a formal hypnotic state.  Once I’ve determined that the problem is coming from a past life, I will invite the person to imagine the problem as a feeling.  We then allow the feeling to create a story.  

By allowing the feeling to create a story we can allow the energy to come forward without having to question the issue of, “Is this Real?”  As a result, people often find that they are able to experience emotional healing without having to feel that they are confronting their faith or belief systems.

I don’t think that we need to believe in reincarnation or past lives in order to heal.  And for most of us, just healing our own childhood dramas and traumas is enough.

If you would like help in healing from your past I invite you to consider working together.  Reach out with a simple email, text or phone call.  Find out how Soul Healing Therapy can be used to bring peace, joy and fulfillment into your life.  Click here to Contact me and let’s get started working together.


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