The Glass Aquarium – Poem

Recently one of my clients was inspired to write the following poem. He shared with me that this poem felt like it is a representation of the emotional healing work that we have done together.

I believe that this poem truly reflects the journey that we all face in our own Soul Healing.  With his permission, I am sharing it with you now.  Thank you.


The Glass Aquarium

I am that shiny
iridescent merman
with his lonely eyes
on display inside a glass aquarium
staring out at all those
feelings I have shut away
from my flooded heart.

My feelings are strangers.
My head protects me from feeling
abandoned, lonely, and unworthy of love.
The feelings are all out there looking in at me.
It is calm in here, predictable.
I swim around and around,
safe, keeping my distance.
Yet as feelings inevitably do,
they seep through the glass
like condensation to trigger me–
my breathing constricts, my heart races
with anxiety like captured prey.

Strange to see
my feelings
floating out there
but not knowing
what they feel like.
Yes, I am aware that the glass
barricades me from my true joy,
the authentic love,
the yellow of happiness
buzzing out there.
Blocked by the glass aquarium,
filled by tears
shed a long time ago.

I want to take a hammer
and break it all,
to finally reunite with the feelings.
I want to deeply French kiss love,
to rub against being wanted, to go
down and into bliss. And
to feel the pain.

I muster the courage to shatter
the glass and release myself.
I will not look back at
the empty aquarium—
I will embrace my tsunami-like feelings,
love myself and walk out.

John B.

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